Monday, February 15, 2010

wild burros

The area of Arizona we were in was west and north of Phoenix. It was pretty, but very flat. I claim to be a flat lander but I really mean hills and coulees and trees and bluffs and stuff. This was flat, but then, way off in the distance, were Mountains, really rugged, beautiful Mountains.

We took a loooog drive one afternoon on a 30 mile loop through some amazing country. I am just so thankful that there hadn't been any rain for a week or so. For some reason I was a little flinchy about flash floods. Maybe it was the 6" or so of rain they had about 10 days before! We drove through some pretty tight spots. Coulees that had, at one point in the not to distant past, been raging with water. The county had a patrol and backhoe out fixing things, almost like it was just for us.

I have to say that one of the highlights of our trip was getting to see wild burros. The only way to top that for Jay would be to have seen some Havalinas. The wild pigs. (Not sure of the spelling and spell check didn't know what to do with what I spelled.) At one point during our drive, he slams on the brakes, I am scrambling to grab things sliding around on the dash, yelling, what, what!!! Jay finally finds his tounge and sputters "burros"! Well I couldn't see the little buggers, i looked and looked, then, there they were.
Kind of like "Where's Waldo." I was so excited. I grabbed my camera and dashed across the road. Jay is hollering there's another one. Where , I can't see it! oh there it is. Oh Oh!!! Then Jay yells "you'd better look out. Hey I think he's gonna take you!" Well how could I see that with a camera plastered to my face. He was rustling around in the brush and stomping his feet. But what the heck there was a little coulee between him and me.
Can you see the third one in the brush in the middle? He was the one getting huffy! My camera doesn't zoom in much so I was wanting to get closer but Jay and the coulee prevented that. Probably a good thing!
Oh and Jay was getting excited about all the river rock we were finding. He was willing so i had him load up some bigger ones. Beautiful. But then he worried about whether we could do that or not. I wasn't worried at all, i was planning a landscaping project for this spring. Burros and rock! hummmmm.


  1. It looks like you had a great vacation. I've never seen wild burros, or Saguaros when I was in Arizona. The farthest I've been this winter is to Dillon and back in one day.

  2. You did good, but I had no idea that a burro could be testy and aggressive. We have javelinas right here in the Iraan, McCamey, Crane and Rankin area. They are interesting, but I guess you don't want them in your yard, and I think the mamas can get mean if they have babies with them. At least you got to see something out of the ordinary, and got some good rocks to boot. Tell us more.

  3. Enjoyed the pictures and I have never seen wild burros either!! That is great that you got Jay away for some warm weather and different scenery and to get to bring back some rock for landscaping!!! More stories???