Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am still alive, and have been living in AZ...

We decided some time ago that we were going to try to take a vacation in the winter as often as we could. We have seen our parents regretting that they didn't do more, when they could have. Isn't that the way of the rancher. Can't leave the ranch, the all consuming, ever demanding, ranch. So we started last year with a cruise to Mexico. It was wonderful, hard to come back from the sun and the sand, but that was all the more inspiration to do it again. Well, Jay has talked lots about his trip to Arizona when he was 20 or so. He has alway wanted to go again. So we packed horse trailer with horse, hay, tack, ropes and a little money and off we went.
It was sunny and warm, although it could have been warmer, and so beautiful. We had a ton of fun. We stayed with friends, in a beautiful new home, and Jay roped to his hearts content. I got to shop and run in sunny, cool, crisp mornings with no ice under foot. I brought home a ton of pictures and the front end of the tack compartment full of river rocks. In fact Jay was the one that kept seeing more rocks. But then, alas, all good things must come to an end, and so too, our trip.
Back to the Arctic North! Where the roads are slick and the snowbanks are deep. Where the wind howls and the wood stove is stoked! Going someplace warm for a few weeks sure makes one think that spring is just around the corner, but I peeked around that corner and for some reason I can't quite see it. But my house was sure glad to see me and I was glad to not be a guest any more. Home is wonderful even if it is cold.

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  1. Oh, Wyna! So very true about coming home. I like to go, but gosh, getting back is pretty darned exciting! I have been wondering about your trip. Like your pictures!!

    Saw your handsome son in Winnett!!