Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Little Corner of the Storm

The storm that hit a good share of Montana, hit us too, here on the Musselshell River. (it followed us to Billings and back) Friday Jay and I decided we needed to go to Billings and get some things done. Should we take the pickup or car, he asks....? I said I had my stuff in the car, but only to remind myself that if we took the Pickup, I need to get my stuff in the car transfered. I was NOT implying that we should take the car...........! I really didn't think that we would get that much weather but..... In Roundup about 10:30 am it started snowing and we hadn't even got to Billings yet. It snowed and snowed! (jay is cussing) I wanted to get the important things done like insurance and groceries and get for home, but no........! We had to stop and see if Lawdog Hatters could reshape Jay's hats, get Jay's physical, renew Jay's CDL, and get some whisky, and filters for the pickup that we should have drove on this now, really snowy day. It was about 5:30 pm when we left Billings. I called Cedar (son) who went skiing with the Ross school kids and teacher. They had just left Showdown. I was worrying. We got to Winnett about 7:30 pm. Roads were bad and visibility was too. From Winnett, east the roads got worse. Blowing and drifting and we were in a car. (more cussing) No snowplows to be seen. We got to Mosby, finally, only 6 miles to go. Jay, who has a thing about mail, just had to stop and get ours. The driveway was pretty deep with snow. Barely made it out. (said something under his breath) We pushed snow the whole 6 miles home. Couldn't get up our hill. I walked up and got the PICKUP, drove down to the car, we unloaded groceries and finished our trip in the PICKUP! Called Cedar. 8:30pm. They were in Lewistown eating pizza. Kids. They just have no fear or common sense. In the end, all were safe and sound.
And then there is Malori, in Costa Rica, swelteringly hot, working on a tan and spanish, oblivious to our snowy plight!
Needless to say, I have no snow pictures because for the next two days I didn't stick my head out of the house door.


  1. We only got a few inches here and no wind. I saw on the news that further east really got it.

  2. Glad you got home okay! I hate to go on stormy days because it always seems to get worse when we are heading home!

  3. At LEAST you had the mail and the whiskey.
    I was snowed in with no rum and two wild kids...

    Glad you were safe and sound, despite the adventure. It just wouldn't be the same story if you lived in town, would it? "Had to fight our way up the driveway in the blinding was the worst 3 feet of my life."

  4. What a relief! You are back home safe and sound with all the important goods you went after, too. One time my dad was taking me to the airport in Billings (at night) on icy roads in the car, and three or four horses came across the road before we got to Mosby. We hit one of them. He did a lot of damage to the windshield, and car, rolled off the hood and lit out. We did make it to Billings.