Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cedar's Mother's Day Present!

Almost 4 years ago, our son, Cedar, who was in college and living in Billings, decided it was time to get a pet. Did he go to the shelter, or look for a free one? Oh, no! He had to have a certain kind. After a long search, he came up with this corgi. Of course I fell in love instantly, but he would pack her back and forth to Billings and everywhere he went. I baby sat a time or two, but for the most part he had her with him all the time. He named her Maggie/Magpie.
Cedar calls her a chick magnet. and she is! At all the ropings he had her around, the girls would flock. Of course there seemed to be a problem eliminating the girls that are too young.
This son/dog relationship lasted for about 6 months. Cedar lived on a busy street. He came home from work one day and she was missing. Five days, miles walked, and one add in the paper later, he got her back. Some man at the Catholic church had found her. Cedar was lucky once. Then he left her with some friends at the Horse Palace in Laurel. I got a call from a vet, saying that someone had picked up a corgi on the interstate and had dropped her off with them. She had a rabies tag which led them to ME. Cedar was lucky twice. Needless to say, I suggested Maggie say with me for a while. Three and a half years later, I still have her. I consider her a Mother's Day present for the rest of her life! Me, just plain lucky!
Maggie has been a source of endless entertainment. Watching her run is just plain funny every time. It never gets old. And of course with those short legs she can't quite keep up with the other dog. She loves to go with us when moving cows. I have to be careful and pick short rides because she just can't last like the border collie. But she has cow in her. She loves working.
She is my constant companion. If I am in the house she follows me everywhere. I am always being entertained by her antics. When it is time for a little exercise, she absolutely can not wait to get going. And if I forget something and go back in the house to get it, she goes nuts! Its like, " come on lady, get your _ _ _ _ together!"
Yes, she is my dog now, It took about a year for her to not lay at Cedar's bedroom door, waiting for him, but now when Jay lets her in in the morning she races down the stairs, bumps the bedroom door open, and greets me with a little ruff and lick! I think Cedar was right, Maggie is a chick magnet. She sure sucked me in!


  1. Cute! If only they could talk!! Maybe we wouldn't want them too!
    I do NOT like the dog hair in our vehicles either! But Amy has all that "iron" in her leg and can't let it get too cold and our dogsitter is in Texas for a couple of months! ;-)

  2. Lucky dog! It sounds like she might have nine lives, but I wouldn't count on it. Good thing you have her.