Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Rupert

I am finally back at it. Things on the Woodford Ranch have been busy and trying. But I find I have a few minutes before Jay comes and gets me for a bit of fencing. I wanted to introduce you all to one of the "Drop Off" pets. You know, when your kids think they need company and companionship but want to practice on an animal first. Well here is Malori's smallest "drop off." Her other "drop offs" have 4 legs and whinny.
His name is Rupert. I have taken care of him on several occasions, (and I am just assuming the "he" part.)

Not sure why it is when kids get to college they think they need to have an animal. At least this beta only needs feeding every few days, which leaves plenty of time for weekend get-a-ways and track meet traveling for my busy college student. Not a high maintenance pet. But still, for those extended stays, Mom gets him. My biggest worry, it how she gets this little guy from Billings, home. I'm sure there is a car seat somewhere that is made especially for fish tanks, but we can't afford one. The last time Mal brought him home, she, at one point, hit the brakes and he went tumbling off the seat and upside down on the floor board.
You can see a kink in one of his bottom fins in the top pic. I think that is the result of his tumble. Can you imagine all those pebbles crashing around! Yikes. And the noise!

His food container has a bright red lid. I wonder if the manufacturer did that on purpose, because when I pick it up, he gets all excited, comes straight at me, puffs up and shoots for the surface. I swear he knows its dinner time.
I'll have him for quite a while. Mal is in Costa Rica for school this semester. I am bonding with a fish!
Mal has been making noises about getting a dog, a Great Bearenese Mountain dog (sp)!!! Enough is enough! I said the only thing I could think of. I told her I thought that kids did this, "practice on animal" thing to get ready for having kids one day. Stopped her cold. She got a panicky look on her face, visably turned green, and stammered "sick Mom." I of course was laughing!

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  1. I love your post!!! A fish no less! Aren't our babies priceless. The things we do for them for love!!

    I never got fish, but dirty clothes occasionally. I would even settle for some dirty clothes today just to get to see them... Alas,how OUR priorities change!

    Keep us posted on Malorie's schooling!