Sunday, November 29, 2009

The End of Whining, I mean Hunting Season

The last day of hunting has passed. I can't begin to tell how glad I am. I am not sure when it starts exactly, but when my son starts sighting in his gun and scoping out deer habits, I know it is here and it will be a long fall. Thanksgiving is the light at the end of the tunnel. The end is near.
We are swamped with "Road Hunters". The county road goes right through us for only a short way, but it is 1.5 miles too long. We can see the road, in bits and pieces, from the house and I can tell you, it drives us crazy. A vehicle (usually big 4 doors with the occupants prematurely dressed in orange) drives in but it doesn't drive out, and one of us has to drive out to the road, which usually will send them on their way.
I have an endless stream of hunters knocking on the door (wearing orange) asking to hunt. When I tell them that it is all leased out, you should hear the whining. (Do they sleep in orange?)
One year "blue tongue" wiped out all the deer, and there was whining. The plague wiped out all the prairie dogs and there was more whining. Hunters driving in the mud and making 8" deep tracks that were there till spring and we were the ones doing the whining. Who ruined who's hunt and who took down a deer that would have been bigger and better next year.........Oh yes next year........when it starts all over again, along with their whining........and mine!


  1. Have you hit that one on the head! Bill's blood pressure starts rising even before hunting season starts! They keep driving in here even though it is posted. We were finally able to put up a Private Road sign. All the hunting in the leased place is "park and walk" and our place is leased out to hunting. I watch the pickups on the highway go by with 4-wheelers in the back and if not there then four deep on a trailer pulled behind. Thanksgiving Sunday Bill said THIS IS THE LAST DAY and it can't be soon enough...

  2. I FOUND YOU!!!
    Karen told me about your blog, a couple days ago, and I was trying to figure out where the heck to find it! (Thanks for commenting on Karen's blog....I tracked you down!)

    We are ALL happy to see the end of hunting season, here. I don't say that out loud, too much, because hunting brings money to our county, but it's a nuisance in many ways.

    Hope you don't mind if I follow along. I love local blogs, and there aren't many around. I see that you read Mark's blog, daily montana. Isn't that the best? Check out his "daily wanderlust" blog, too. He takes the greatest pictures.