Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cowboying on 2/4 wheels

So, yesterday Jay came in and announced that we would shuffle cows around. OK. Then he said thatI might need a lunch, so I stuffed a couple of cheese sticks and lowfat granola bars in my pocket. Would later wish that I had packed a little water but who thinks about that when it is chilly. Then he said we would be taking the 4wheeler and motorcycle, faster that way. So I went back and got my Muck Boots, 2 coats, insulated gloves, cap with flaps, and a head scarf. This was gonna be work. Moving cows on horseback is one thing, the horse watches where she puts her feet. A 4wheeler doesn't. therefore i have to drive look for cows and watch where i am going. I should have popped an aleve right then and there, but I didn't. (would regret that later too)
The first part of the day wasn't bad. I hauled my ride out on the back of the pickup. Jay rode his. haha. We moved the first bunch with the pickup, a bale of hay and Jay on the bike. He had a dog helping and things went smoothly. Then we gathered up my 4wheeler and set off for the farthest part of the ranch. That always makes me a bit nervous. Flat tires, motor problems...The walk home is a bit daunting. About 8-9 miles. But on this day all went fine. I spent a lot of time waiting on Jay as a motorcycle goes many places a 4wheeler can't or is it me that can't! Anyway, the gather went well, we picked up a missing bull, and most of the heifers, and pointed them west. Then he informed me that we would just take them on home. Half way there i went back, loaded my 4wheeler in the pickup, and went home leaving Jay to bring them on in. Since i knew Jay would be hungry, i didn't pack a "lunch" for him, I started supper. He rolled in about 1.5 hours later, and said, "It's times like these that it would be nice to live near town so we could run in and eat!" I thinking, that is exactly what YOU did!


  1. Cute, Wyna! So, so right on target! I would be a nervous wreck on a four-wheeler. I know the horse can get me out of the tight spot if I let him!

  2. Hey, Wyna...
    We "cowboy" on 4-wheelers, exclusively, and I understand completely what you mean when you say you have to watch the cows, the terrain, AND (this is the one I'm constantly missing) your husband's ambiguous hand/arm signals. It's exhausting! Not only that, but I use more upper body muscles on the 4-wheeler....that I don't really it hurts like the dickens later that evening.

    And running into town for a bite to eat....
    Do you know what my secret "when-I-win-the-lottery-and-become-a-gazillionaire" dream is? I want someone to deliver a couple pizzas after a day like that....from Miles City. I'll be able to pay mileage, then, and it will be worth every silly penny! I'll send the limo for you, and we can laugh about it!