Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Latest" Quilt project

I have been working on a quilt project for fall. I have just started quilting it. I think I am going to miss the fall season all together with this one. I am hoping at this point that I will be able to hang it next year.
I have not ever bought a kit before. This is a first. Someone else picked the colors and the patterns, and all I did was pick the kit. But I was taken with the simple colors and folksy pattern, and I really liked that it was "fall" and didn't have an ounce of orange anywhere. I spent quit a bit of time reading the teeny tiny instructions. I had to use a sticky note to keep track of my place. A couple of times I ran out of certain fabric pieces and had to piece scraps together to make it work. It wasn't that the pattern was hard, but the trouble is with my husband popping in ALL the time needing help. That is what has slowed me up. Otherwise I could have cranked this baby out in a week.
Now I am working on the quilting. I spent some time deciding how to quilt it. I searched through books and magazines, and putting several ideas together, I have come up with my own design. I have a few must haves when it comes to the quilting. I don't want to have to mark the quilt at all but I will mark a reference point or two to help me keep my bearings. And i want as many continuous lines as possible. For this quilt, I didn't want to follow the blocks, i wanted an all over design. It was hard for me to take that first step and quilt right over a preprinted panel. But now i an liking it. So now i am just waiting for a couple large blocks of time to pop up......oops I think i just used up one typing this. lol

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  1. I do like neutral colors in quilts at times. Can you believe a jewel toned girl would say that. I love the idea of you quilting with different ideas. I quilted on the baby quilt for B.J. & Marsha's new baby and wasn't very creative. I wanted to get it done!!!

    When done, take a close up!